Thursday, May 13, 2010

sickly thank-you's

It's a beautiful Thursday afternoon and I'm sick inside. Eating things I shouldn't be eating. (Like cookies with chocolate in the center). Doing things I shouldn't be doing.
(Like watercolor-ing thank-you's instead of doing work).

Some sneakpeaks:

Sorry I can't show more, or it'd give it away to the people i'm making it for..

My inspiration? Things in my room:

(My birthday bouquet mostly... still going on strong! And no, your eyes aren't deceiving you, my lamp is tilted because it's broken.)

I feel a headache coming on... back to bed. But I'm thankful God is giving me rest today! :)

These are the days when I wish I was 7 again, in the arms of my mother, eating congee. What did your mothers/father/grandparents/etc. do for you when you were sick as a child?


Katyha said...

I have to ask...what are those watercolour paints?

connie said...

What do you mean? What brand are they?