Saturday, July 24, 2010

josh + marci (hugh forte photo)

I was checking out the blog of the photographer (hugh forte) for a friend's wedding (you, charissa!) and I really loved the recent wedding he shot:

And loved these from charissa's wedding:

So gorgeous. My favorite wedding photographers shoot + edit like they're painting.

Monday, July 19, 2010

i'd like two ice cream sundaes, please.

Apparently this has been the hottest July on record in my area. Whew! As if the post-shower sweating didn't tell me that :).

I'm in one of those freak-out-session, what-am-i-good-at, i'm-not-good-at-anything, no-inspiration kind of moods... they seem to hit more often nowadays. What do you do when you feel uninspired? I kind of wallow and just feel bad about myself. Sigh.

Some here and theres:

-- posted some baby pictures to my photo blog!
-- i made some guac and pesto today. fail on the pesto and success on the guac. i think more parmesan cheese next time.
-- pita pizzas are a life saver! so fast and so tasty.
-- these garlic herb bread sticks look so good! and so do these grilled strawberries with pimm's and vanilla ice cream
-- (why do most of the above deal with food? grubbing is always on the mind..)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Roadtrip Success!

santa barbara, ca

Hello, I realize I really suck at blogging.

To the few who read this, thank you for your patience and grace. :) Both in waiting for posts and both in reading boring posts.

I'm officially back from my roadtrip to norcal (where socal's hippy sister berkeley resides), with stops to santa barbara and slo :). It was such a wonderful trip, delicious food, good company and beautiful sights. I'm so thankful for my boyfriend, who drove the whole time, planned everything and always made sure I was having a good laugh. I got hives on the trip, and he drove me to CVS to look for Benadryl. :) Now, I'm painfully reminded that I'm back in LA because I can't do anything without working up a sweat.

Observations in "norcal":

  • There are angry drivers just like, if not worse, than the ones in LA (just not as many)
  • I have food allergies to something (I still don't know what it is... but I am shocked! Something that would impede my eating ability!)
  • I had no geographical understanding of where things are in Norcal. In my mind, Berkeley, Alameda and San Jose are as far apart as continents...on a map.
  • Paying for rice and tea is absurd.
  • I would rather live somewhere cold than somewhere hot. I'll take the chapped lips over the sweaty shirts any day.
  • The California Academy of Sciences is the best museum + planetarium combo ever!!
  • I should've gone to UCSB instead of UCSD. Just kidding. It's just really nice there. I still have Jack Johnson playing on the mind everytime I think of Santa Barbara.

Stayed tuned for a photo update! I'll either post it here, or my photo blog.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

happy fourth of july!

I'm really enjoying these Luis Montiero shots..especially these first two that scream fourth of july to me (well, more like french revolution actually):

(loving the abbey road inspired one!)

Hope your day is full of joy, family, eating, and fireworks!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

card giveaway!

You might have noticed the word "giveaway" in my blog title. Yes, there is indeed a giveaway! So, I'm making some save-the-dates for a friend and taking out my dusty gocco printer and trying to make it work. I was pretty discouraged because my screens kept getting printed poorly! I've printed with it before and it turned out alright, but I guess I've never tried printing out large areas and the carbon never seems to get spread out evenly enough (even with the use of the filter). I'm still in the process of trying to figure out what to do. After reading some tutorials, I figure I'm going to go trek to the nearest library and make some photocopies and try one more time.

Anyways, in my discouragement, I decided to burn a different design using riso pens instead of printouts. It turned out alright, not really to my liking, but still nice enough that I didn't want to throw them away. So here, they are! A card set of 3 "you make me feel like i'm home" cards. They're not perfect, each with more imperfections that I can take (even being a gocco print), so here they are to be given away!


Giveaway requirements

All you have to do is leave a comment on this post by Sunday (July 11th) at 4pm about a person that makes you feel like you're home and why they do. I will choose a winner though a random number generator after that and you get to take these babies home! I don't have many blog readers, so you probably have a really good chance at getting this card set. I'm also going to include other little goodies that I want to give away, so be sure to enter!

Have a blessed day!


I've been doing some late-night drawing and realizing how relaxing/soothing it is and how horrible I am at it. The above is a work in progress sketch I'm doing to brainstorm for a new card set in my brain. Hopefully it turns out well, and then I'll put it in the shop!

Friday, July 2, 2010

facial masks and large T's

I forgot to officially announce that I'm back from my short-lived hiatus.

I'm really enjoying life at home. I told T that I'm glad we're long-distance now because I no longer have to care what I look like half the time. As we speak, I have this korean seaweed facial pack glistening on my face (my mother has a yogurt one on), large t-shirt on, and macbookpro burning my thighs with its scalding base (is it just me or do all motherboards get ridiculously hot ridiculously fast?). Ah, the blessings of the semi-single life :).

Life is slowing down a bit and I've been able to do some things I really wanted to do like:

-- start up a pininterest like everybody and their mother.
-- go to the library and just look for fun books to read. (picked up shutter island by dennis lehane)
-- reading unquenchable flame right now (an insightful, informative, and hilarious read on the history of the reformation).
-- make milk tea at home (basically you brew some black tea, add sugar and half-and-half. voila.)
-- day trip to san diego! photos can be found at my photo blog!
-- evening walks around the neighborhood with mama
-- late night drawing/sketching
-- play with cho-cho, my rambunctious cat.
-- continue to edit pictures from the wedding i attended as a second shooter.


Before I leave, just wanted to share this really adorable letterpress card (from anthropologie i think) my friend sabrina gave me for graduation before I left. *tear*