Monday, July 19, 2010

i'd like two ice cream sundaes, please.

Apparently this has been the hottest July on record in my area. Whew! As if the post-shower sweating didn't tell me that :).

I'm in one of those freak-out-session, what-am-i-good-at, i'm-not-good-at-anything, no-inspiration kind of moods... they seem to hit more often nowadays. What do you do when you feel uninspired? I kind of wallow and just feel bad about myself. Sigh.

Some here and theres:

-- posted some baby pictures to my photo blog!
-- i made some guac and pesto today. fail on the pesto and success on the guac. i think more parmesan cheese next time.
-- pita pizzas are a life saver! so fast and so tasty.
-- these garlic herb bread sticks look so good! and so do these grilled strawberries with pimm's and vanilla ice cream
-- (why do most of the above deal with food? grubbing is always on the mind..)

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