Monday, June 25, 2012

summer eats


since it's the first summer i've spent out of LA where summer = unbearably hot weather (and the constant sunburning of my fair skin), i'm enjoying it rather immensely. we're still settling in (catching up on work has taken up most of my time), but i can't wait to have everything in order and invite a few friends over for breakfast/lunch/dinner! how delicious do these sound to accompany your summer meal:

- white peach lavender soda

- grilled corn with cheese and lime (mexican corn, yum!)

- fig, gorgonzola & honey tartines

- avocado & romaine salad (woe to me for being allergic to avocado..)

- poached eggs on toast with cream cheese, salmon & capers

grilled peach with honey & ice cream

(photo via nouvelle/nouveau )

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

breakfast with kate arends


i loved this feature glitter guide did on kate arends from wit & delight mainly because i love breakfast and i adore kate's blog + style. there seems to be a trend going around documenting breakfast with bloggers/stylists/etc. and i love it when i see it. (don't you just love kate's kitchen?)

the recipe for the french toast with orange zest (and ice cream!) can be found on her blog here.



what a delightful looking breakfast... i mean, dulce de leche ice cream with coffee grinds? come on! (if only i had the drive in the morning to make something other than toast and eggs)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

breakfast bits


digging the bits of color left over from today's breakfast.

Friday, June 8, 2012



guess what... we're finally married! it truly was the most beautiful and blessed day. forecast said freezing and cloudy, but it was sunny and breezy day in santa barbara and everything we wanted it to be. the days before were some of the worst days of my life (haha), but we had some of the most selfless/loving of friends helping us and i am so glad that we no longer have any wedding to-do lists to complete! we're putting off our honeymoon till august since we have weddings to shoot before then, but in the meantime nesting has been one of my favorite parts of marriage (that and not having to say goodbye at night)!

this is all i have to show in terms of photos, taken by one of my (new) relatives. i love how the florals & b-maids dresses came out.  can't wait to get the rest to show later on!