Friday, November 20, 2009

the worst part about my job

i know i just spent a post talking about how awesomely flexible my job was, but one thing i have to say about how much it sucks doing graphic design: they will inevitably change their minds for the nth time after you've spent weeks of work on something.

in your atmosphere

i'm totally wanting a cat right now. i've been craigslisting cats at work for the past week and dreaming about fuzzy kittens napping in my lap while i work, sleeping with me with one paw on my cheek, and all around kitten-love. sigh.

in any case, i'm working from home today and i'm so blessed. it's not always the most fun of jobs, but i get to work from home, with bed head, pungent morning breath and pjs. what more could i ask? i'm drinking soy milk tea and eating cucumber cream cheese sandwiches. YUM!!!

miscellaneous pictures from over the past 2 months:

project. conjectures, anyone?

disneyland food.

friend, sista, disciple :)

my comfort place.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

a love letter for you

i've been on a crazy hiatus due to papers/midterms/life. at least i'm only letting down like 1-2 readers :).

today i want to share this really cool muralist (is that a word), stephen powers.

i especially like this one:

how sweet is that!