Sunday, September 18, 2011

gifts (old & new)

just thought i'd share a couple gifts i received recently and not-so-recently that i think are sweet and caught my eye today. sweet as in suh-weeeeet.

i love this book by lena corwin that i got for my birthday (yes... 4 months ago). thought i'd whip it out today and enjoy it with some ice cream. i can't wait to try something! i'm kind of limited in space until we get married but maybe i'll do something with print goods.

left: recently my cousin bought me a whole box of muji pens from hong kong. that washi tape is from my beloved when we went to japantown in sf!

right: you can't see it clearly, but that mint zippered bag thing is anthro's packaging for their gift cards! (at least...almost a year ago). i now use it to store other gift cards i don't have room for in my wallet at the time being. it's a cute creature of sorts. (ps, that happy birthday card is a botched print i designed for someone else)

i'm a happy girl.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

emily rothschild usb locket



yep, you heard that right: usb locket. feminine and functional jewelry, someone pinch me now!

if you're rich enough (or feel generous...*ahem*), you can buy it here for $270. if i was both awesome and wealthy, i would buy these as bridesmaids gifts for my bridesmaids!

there is also an equally lovely mini version here for $170!

Monday, September 12, 2011

all that glitters is gold

check out these fabulous DIY louboutin glitter heels!
(yes, she really did use louboutin heels...found for $5 at a hk market!)

maybe i'll try this for my wedding... with a different shade of gold.

Friday, September 9, 2011

yay area, part two!

my new favorite florist, studio choo:

i'm not sure if i'll be an sf bride or if it will fit in our budget to have florals done professionally, but boy does my heart flutter when i see some studio choo work. if you're interested in checking out a few more shots of studio choo's shop in sf, check out my photography blog.

sunflowers in sweet little japantown.

hope you enjoyed my trip vicariously through these shots!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

yay area, part one!

following my last day at my graphic design position, i went out with a bang: the fiance and i took a trip up to the bay for a engagement shoot i had :). we spent some time venue visiting and enjoying as much as we could in sf in the brief amount of time we had there before we had to head up to davis for the shoot.

east bay has a beautiful park district!

i got mild :( so sad, i never have any luck with these sexy-meters.

creepy little dolls everywhere.

i like this shot that charles took!

up next: japantown and studio choo!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

five from the ground

zakka (from the japanese 'zak-ka' or 'many things'): "the art of seeing the savvy in the ordinary and mundane".

five from the ground
is a beautiful shop of collected antiques in kanagawa, japan. the items are sourced from all over the world and collectively embody the zakka aesthetic.