Thursday, September 8, 2011

yay area, part one!

following my last day at my graphic design position, i went out with a bang: the fiance and i took a trip up to the bay for a engagement shoot i had :). we spent some time venue visiting and enjoying as much as we could in sf in the brief amount of time we had there before we had to head up to davis for the shoot.

east bay has a beautiful park district!

i got mild :( so sad, i never have any luck with these sexy-meters.

creepy little dolls everywhere.

i like this shot that charles took!

up next: japantown and studio choo!


Emma said...

Absolutely loving your shoes in the first pic! :) Do you use actions on your photos Connie? I love how all your photos always look so clean and crisp - do you sell photoshop actions by any chance? :)

Hope the wedding plans are coming together nicely! :)
Many blessings to you :)

Sara/Matchbox Kitchen said...

How funny, I know the girl in the last photo. She is a friend of a friend.