Sunday, September 18, 2011

gifts (old & new)

just thought i'd share a couple gifts i received recently and not-so-recently that i think are sweet and caught my eye today. sweet as in suh-weeeeet.

i love this book by lena corwin that i got for my birthday (yes... 4 months ago). thought i'd whip it out today and enjoy it with some ice cream. i can't wait to try something! i'm kind of limited in space until we get married but maybe i'll do something with print goods.

left: recently my cousin bought me a whole box of muji pens from hong kong. that washi tape is from my beloved when we went to japantown in sf!

right: you can't see it clearly, but that mint zippered bag thing is anthro's packaging for their gift cards! (at least...almost a year ago). i now use it to store other gift cards i don't have room for in my wallet at the time being. it's a cute creature of sorts. (ps, that happy birthday card is a botched print i designed for someone else)

i'm a happy girl.

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Merissa Cherie said...

Hello there Connie :) Love your muji pens and washi tape :) Love your photos too!