Monday, June 25, 2012

summer eats


since it's the first summer i've spent out of LA where summer = unbearably hot weather (and the constant sunburning of my fair skin), i'm enjoying it rather immensely. we're still settling in (catching up on work has taken up most of my time), but i can't wait to have everything in order and invite a few friends over for breakfast/lunch/dinner! how delicious do these sound to accompany your summer meal:

- white peach lavender soda

- grilled corn with cheese and lime (mexican corn, yum!)

- fig, gorgonzola & honey tartines

- avocado & romaine salad (woe to me for being allergic to avocado..)

- poached eggs on toast with cream cheese, salmon & capers

grilled peach with honey & ice cream

(photo via nouvelle/nouveau )

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