Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Roadtrip Success!

santa barbara, ca

Hello, I realize I really suck at blogging.

To the few who read this, thank you for your patience and grace. :) Both in waiting for posts and both in reading boring posts.

I'm officially back from my roadtrip to norcal (where socal's hippy sister berkeley resides), with stops to santa barbara and slo :). It was such a wonderful trip, delicious food, good company and beautiful sights. I'm so thankful for my boyfriend, who drove the whole time, planned everything and always made sure I was having a good laugh. I got hives on the trip, and he drove me to CVS to look for Benadryl. :) Now, I'm painfully reminded that I'm back in LA because I can't do anything without working up a sweat.

Observations in "norcal":

  • There are angry drivers just like, if not worse, than the ones in LA (just not as many)
  • I have food allergies to something (I still don't know what it is... but I am shocked! Something that would impede my eating ability!)
  • I had no geographical understanding of where things are in Norcal. In my mind, Berkeley, Alameda and San Jose are as far apart as continents...on a map.
  • Paying for rice and tea is absurd.
  • I would rather live somewhere cold than somewhere hot. I'll take the chapped lips over the sweaty shirts any day.
  • The California Academy of Sciences is the best museum + planetarium combo ever!!
  • I should've gone to UCSB instead of UCSD. Just kidding. It's just really nice there. I still have Jack Johnson playing on the mind everytime I think of Santa Barbara.

Stayed tuned for a photo update! I'll either post it here, or my photo blog.

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sarah said...

I like this post very much because 1. slo and norcal are my favorite places, 2. the CAS is rad, 3. I'm the same with geography: as far as I'm concerned, socal is one big city called LA, 4. and I too enjoy a cool, crisp day.