Friday, July 2, 2010

facial masks and large T's

I forgot to officially announce that I'm back from my short-lived hiatus.

I'm really enjoying life at home. I told T that I'm glad we're long-distance now because I no longer have to care what I look like half the time. As we speak, I have this korean seaweed facial pack glistening on my face (my mother has a yogurt one on), large t-shirt on, and macbookpro burning my thighs with its scalding base (is it just me or do all motherboards get ridiculously hot ridiculously fast?). Ah, the blessings of the semi-single life :).

Life is slowing down a bit and I've been able to do some things I really wanted to do like:

-- start up a pininterest like everybody and their mother.
-- go to the library and just look for fun books to read. (picked up shutter island by dennis lehane)
-- reading unquenchable flame right now (an insightful, informative, and hilarious read on the history of the reformation).
-- make milk tea at home (basically you brew some black tea, add sugar and half-and-half. voila.)
-- day trip to san diego! photos can be found at my photo blog!
-- evening walks around the neighborhood with mama
-- late night drawing/sketching
-- play with cho-cho, my rambunctious cat.
-- continue to edit pictures from the wedding i attended as a second shooter.


Before I leave, just wanted to share this really adorable letterpress card (from anthropologie i think) my friend sabrina gave me for graduation before I left. *tear*


rosie said...

hehe, no pics of the facial packs in action eh? - typed on my macbook on top of a cushion for protection from the scalding hotness :)

Charissa - The Gifted Blog said...

Sounds like a good time! It must feel nice to slow down and do some of the things you've been itching to do. Oh, and are you friends with Rosie? I started following her blog recently...small world.

Curious about the 'W' card. Does the W stand for something? The card and envelope are super-cute.