Friday, May 21, 2010

the perfect day

I had a perfect day yesterday. The sun was shining in San Diego, the breeze blowing, the chai tea a-pourin', the flowers blooming, and my face was smiling. Life is good. I picked up one of my favorite ladies and we drove to Hillcrest to get some delicious drinks and talk the afternoon away! I feel wary telling you our secret place, but they definitely deserve more business.

1. Here we went: Cafe Bassam

Don't you love the stenciled chalkboard?

BEST CHAI OF MY LIFE. And trust me, I'm a self-proclaimed Chai lover/connoisseur/snob.

The decor was an experience in itself. There were vintage items everywhere! Cups, paintings, jewelry, furniture, guns (yes, firearms), you name it. It was there.

I can't post them all here, but trust me, everything was lovely there. Check out my flickr for a couple more.

Even the patrons were adorable (my friend took these two). There was also a man that looked like a sailor! Yes, hat, mustache and smooth confidence. We kept debating whether or not I should go up to him and ask for a picture. We chickened out.

2. Next stop: Hillcrest's Extraordinary Desserts

They had a children's section for their gift "shop" portion. Very cute.

To be honest, we didn't buy anything. We just looked. :)

3. Now we can't miss this: Balboa Park

A fiddler!

My beautiful friend!

4. Last stop: UCSD (Croutons and Jazz Concert)

Honestly, one of the best performances I've ever seen. I've never seen so many talented people in one room together, working together to make one beautiful harmony. It was free too!

The architecture of the new music center. Very gee-oh-me-tric. I like it.

What does your perfect day look like?

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Crystal said...

Eep! Chalk AND stencils!!