Wednesday, August 31, 2011

this is the beginning of something new


last week was my last week at my graphic design position at my job. this week is the first week doing photography full-time! being self-employed is both scary and exciting. i find myself so much more productive now that i know that every hour i waste matters.

it's such a relief being able to focus on my photography and only my photography. working two full-time jobs was way too much for me. i even find myself more inspired and motivated to do other things i enjoy, like painting! i painted that little chipboard girl last night :).

here's to new beginnings. contact me if you need a portrait session or even photography for your wedding day!


Danelle Bourgeois said...

Best of luck with your freelance photography! :D Must be a great feeling to not be tied down to a full time job now. Quite envious. :P
Looking forward to seeing some of your self-employed photography adventures!

connie said...

@danelle thank you! it is surely a great feeling :)

lampart said...

Good luck with everything! :)
I hope one day I'll be in a position to quit my job too and concentrate on photography. But I still have a long way before I can even think of doing that :/

Katyha said...

oh it sounds exciting! enjoy it all immensely :)

ashley said...

what an adorable painting!! :) good luck to you! can't wait to see your new work! (i also heard about the gig with j. coming up! exciting!)

Anastasia Marie said...

Congrats Connie! Your photos are so lovely!