Wednesday, August 3, 2011

sweet firsts

I know you all are still waiting to hear the details on the proposal and see how wedding planning is coming along, but it's just been too busy! I'm really just letting it all soak in.

This saturday T and I attended a lovely outdoor wedding at an equestrian center in walnut. I experienced two firsts: being a flower girl (yes, a flower girl in her 20's) and going to a wedding as a fiancee. Aside from the initial embarrassment of wearing a yellow dress obviously designed for a little girl, it was so much fun just relaxing with T & old friends and simply being a guest (and not behind the camera). (the above photo was of their cute cupcake table, put together by some of the bride and grooms' lady friends)

I'll try getting on with the proposal photos asap and boarding the wedding planning-blogging train (or, as much as I can without giving away everything!).

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