Thursday, August 18, 2011





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guess where i want to go for my honeymoon? not hawaii, not cancun, nope, not paris or even a cruise. i don't want to lay out on the beach or drink out of coconuts.

i want to go to iceland.

it is absolutely beautiful, hauntingly breathtaking. i've been burning a hole into my screen just staring at iceland photos like a mad woman. i even put on some sigur rós to admire these photos. i know, i'm weird.

have any of you ever been to iceland? is it expensive? any tips?


Emily Yao said...

you guys should do it!!! it'll make for one distinctly unique honeymoon :) plus, if it gets boring, you can always swing past ireland or scotland for a day or two! (air fare probably isn't that expensive, and isn't tommy secretly a scottsman concealed behind the mask of a korean man, anyway? hahaha) :)

connie said...

@emily oooh! this is true, tommy is definitely a scottsman behind the mask of a korean man. however, i'm afraid that a trip there would make him speak in his accent forever.

paddle to shore said...

Ah! these are incredible. My friend recently came back from Iceland and her pictures were simple out of this world. It's hard to believe it's real! I hope you get to go to Iceland for your honeymoon. Kim, xo