Wednesday, October 27, 2010

violetjulia and minihorses

First off, beautiful beautiful polaroid photography from violetjulia. She injects such tranquil, peaceful beauty into her images... i'm in love! Most of her scenes are natural: landscapes, leafs, animals (but you still don't get bored by the 20th tree!).

I've been thinking about horses because my boyfriend recently told me he wanted to take me to see some "mystical creatures" in Santa Barbara. He couldn't believe that these "creatures" existed and that we could see them there. He refused to tell me what they were, so I went on an investigative search. I googled everything from "mystical creatures santa barbara" to "reindeer santa barbara".

Finally, I googled "petting zoo" and make a wild guess from their animal list: mini horses. To which my boyfriend responded: "WHY WOULD YOU EVER RUIN MY OUR LIFE DATE?? HOW DID YOU GUESS??" What a funny man.

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jennifer ▲ i art u said...

so gorgeous it gives me chills...