Saturday, October 2, 2010

at work

(teri lyn fisher)

I know, I'm never here anymore (all my posts seem to start this way). BUT I am here to tell you all that I am still alive! And well! And busy! (well, sometimes)

A list (I work better this way when my mind is a jumble):

1. my external hard drive died recently. i lost a lot of work and old photos and i wanted to die. but i decided i would be okay with it, so i put it away in a drawer and have not thought too much about it. :(
2. i have been getting commissioned for more weddings/engagement shoots and i am very very excited :) check out my blog!
3. what is up with LA weather? feels like i'm in humid, sweltering asia!
4. digging daniel blackman's graphic america illustrations.
5. finished save-the-dates/invites for a friend and just got commissioned to do invites for another! awesome! (will show you guys what they look like when I receive them).
6. everyone around me is getting engaged. makes me jealous, but also makes me want to make things like this (cute free save the date card).
7. i wish all book covers were illustrated by jim tierney. true story.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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