Wednesday, June 9, 2010

wedding guestbook

This wedding guestbook is amazing. I am amazed. I know that was redundant but, yes, it is that amazing that I have now said amazing three times. It reminds me of Jordan Ferney's awesome birthday surprise for a friend. I want to try this for something! I love that the individual pieces are hand-painted! And that wooden peg board, gorgeous!

"... at the entrance we had a table full of photographs of ourselves with our names spelled out in old wooden printing letters and other rustic knick knacks to try and set the mood for the day. Alongside the table was our custom made guest book which was an art piece I commissioned my good friend to make. She took one of Jessica’s photos of us from our engagement shoot and had it blown up. She then hand painted it and attached it to small hole-punched linoleum chips so the entire photo was spread over 150+ pieces. The pieces were all placed in a bag near a wooden board with nails attached. As guests drew a chip and filled it out with their names + wishes for us, they hung the pieces on the board. Over the evening the board took shape and presented the image of us. It is now hanging in our living room and a great piece of art"

(via ruffledblog.)


and flowers pick themselves said...

that concept is so wonderful + inspired! thanks for sharing.

xo Alison

Bonito said...

Hello and very clever. Nice post!