Thursday, June 9, 2011

little winter: house party

okay, i'm a little late...but.... i'm pretty much OBSESSED with the window display at the little winter market from november, hosted by chealsea fuss from frolic and abby from abby try again. isn't it so whimsical and delightful? the fun folks over at my house party are responsible for this genius... if only i was rich enough to buy a whole neighborhood...or just one house. haha.

maybe I will try to make a sad cardboard version. i'll fill you guys in on the progress if it ever happens. also, i wish i was simply AT the little winter market! chelsea and abby (and all their wonderful vendors) simply pulled off a very lovely event.

check out these photos from the event:

(photos from here)


amanda jane said...

agreed! they did such a lovely job didn't they?

Anastasia Marie said...

The event styling is just so pretty. I'm adoring how Oh My Cavalier set up their table.