Wednesday, May 11, 2011

may days

(herriott grace)

sorry for the hundredth time for being a bad blogger, thank you patient readers! these weeks have been a transition period for me (you probably know now that i have transition periods all the time, so don't be worried). my mind is finally finally getting out of a feeling of muddiness...not helped by fickle california weather.

yesterday was my birthday, and no, i did not have such a fabulous cake as picture above.

this birthday felt so much like a non-birthday, minus the sudden abundance of cake-eating. not that i felt unloved by any means, i was actually thinking yesterday just how very loved and lucky i am. i've just never been big on birthdays (my own), so it really felt like any other day. plus, in this season of life, all my dear friends are far away from me!

but it has been a wonderful week/weekend, full of things that make life all the sweeter.

-- peruvian food at the farmer's market
-- my birthday gift(s) from my love: dinner, a new sewing machine, this fabulous printing by hand book, and flowers sent to my workplace. jealous yet? (i'm looking forward to making this... wish i had an ipad to make a cover for.)
-- engagement session in beautiful santa barbara
-- free ice cream at haggen dazs. yes, i am easily satisfied with free things
-- quiet family dinners
-- new ventures and old ventures made new.

what things make your life sweet?


Anastasia Marie said...

Well happy birthday Connie! Pity I didn't know yesterday. Hope this next upcoming year is full of great adventures. Cheers!

connie said...

it's okay anastasia! my birthday is really like any other day to me :)

Katyha said...

oh I am so sad I missed saying happy birthday on your special day :( I hope it was wonderful just the same.

Life sweet? kisses and cuddles, although I usually have to force it out of my kids :/