Wednesday, May 18, 2011

hello, mr. porter


Gosh, I simply love everything on Mr. Porter, a men's luxury goods store. As part of the luxury designer e-commerce site, Net-A-Porter, men's style site Mr. Porter provides a complete style experience that goes much further than suits, oxfords, and cuff links.

I happened upon it this week as I was shopping for T's birthday, at a loss for what to get him. I especially love the Style Directory with everything a man needs to know about style!

Too bad it's all too pricey for me to splurge on for T right now. :( I especially love that Ipad case....but you kind of need an Ipad to use it, you know.

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Donna said...

just stumbled upon your awesome blog so hello! :) net-a-porter has tons of swoonworthy stuff.. too bad I'm too broke for it!