Saturday, January 1, 2011

new shoes, same path

I used to think I was ever walking new paths in the same shoes. Now I realize that I'm walking the same path in different shoes.

2010 has been a year of much change: new relationship, graduating, completely changing career paths (education to art!), learning to bear the load of adulthood (ever-learning). In trying to juggle wearing so many different shoes (daughter/girlfriend/friend/photographer/graphic designer/etc.), I've learned many things:

1. God is good. He loves me with an infinite love. If I just learned to know these two truths with all my heart, soul and mind, so many of the anxieties and worries that often plague me would cease to exist. I am loved by God.

2. A very wise woman gave me the following advice when I was struggling with deciding to make a choice: "Make choices for yourself. So often we make choices based on people who aren't even going to be in our lives 5-10 years from now. Make choices for yourself, your family, the people you love." Don't be overly concerned with what other people think about you. Make choices that you can be at peace with at the end of the day.

3. You can't control everything. Plans change, circumstances change, feelings can be fleeting. You definitely can't control people. Trying to control all these things will only burn you out and leave you feeling depressed and weary.

4. My entry this year into the wedding industry has been one of great joy and yet great disillusionment at the same time. Focus on the main things, the important things (figure out what IS important to you first). Anything else will lead you far from where you want to be.

5. Finally, because photography and art are very much a part of my life, a Cartier-Bresson quote: " It is an illusion that photos are made with the camera… they are made with the eye, heart and head."


I have three simple goals this year (many more will come along the way, but I hope these will govern those that follow):

1. Give thanks in all circumstances. May everyday be marked by the contentment, peace and humility that comes from knowing how blessed I am!

2. Create more. Blog more. Go out and shoot more. Paint more. Read more. Make time to do these things and limit time spent on vegetating.

3. Let things go. Let go of bitterness and resentment. Let go of tiny moments that will make things worse and not better if mulled over and brought up. Let go of things that didn't go your way.

Thanks for reading, readers. As always, feel free to comment, I love hearing from you guys!

Here's to 2011!

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