Monday, January 17, 2011

come quickly mr. postman!

i love online shopping. not very good for my paychecks because they leave my bank account as quickly as they come in....but nevertheless, i love it. this month i will be receiving in the mail:

1. business cards for connie lyu photography ! can't wait to show you guys how they turn out.... hopefully well. :) i got them printed at a local printer in my area.

2. gouache paint that i got for 50% off the listed price from ebay! can't wait to start painting away!

3. this darling planner (remember how i told you guys i was looking for one?) despite it being mid-january already:

(except mine is brown, i'm not a huge fan of pink).


Crystal said...

Oops, my comment didn't stick. I was saying... the planner is super cute! Did you find it from the same ebay seller you mentioned before? I'm coveting it. :)

Anastasia Marie said...

that is quite the darling planner!

connie said...

@crystal: i know huh! nope, it's from this user:

Kae said...

perfect little planner!