Saturday, September 4, 2010

huntington gardens

check out these great postcards i picked up today from the huntington gardens:
(aren't they beautiful?? i'm tempted not to use them at all and just pin them up on my corkboard)

and a few more shots from today! (which was hot, sweltering and sticky)

and desserts from afternoon tea!

.... and my cho cho being such a model :)

good tidings!


carina said...

ooh, how lovely... i had the pleasure of visiting the huntington early this year and cannot wait to go again!

Charissa said...

Nice! We have a membership but I've never done the afternoon tea. Would you recommend?

sarah said...

L-O-V-E a good tea party!!

connie said...

@ Charissa

Honestly, I've had better afternoon tea. I've gone to several in San Diego that were fabulous...and I've gone to Chado in Pasadena (that was okay). I would say save your money and do a yelp search on afternoon tea :).

connie said...

@ Charissa

However. The service and lemonade were great. :)

Haylee said...

I am in LOVE with your blog. Your designs are all so lovely and you find such gorgeous things. When I really really like a blog, I save it to a folder on my computer and you are the newest member of that group. (Yes you should feel really, really special. Since I'm the sweetest person ever. ;) haha no but seriously your work and blog are both really inspiring. So just a fair warning, you'll probably be getting lots of comments for me in the future.