Friday, August 27, 2010

Is it halloween already?

(Sebastiaan Bremer, Flowers It Calls Forth From Their Buds)

Because there are cobwebs everywhere on my blog. Har har. I know, I know, I'm never here anymore. But fear not! I am still alive (to the 1 or 2 people wondering).

It's just been all over the place lately.
  • I job search (with no luck) almost every day. I It's definitely been a struggle feeling useless and directionless half the time, but growing me so much in patience and faith/trust in God. I'm looking mostly for graphic design jobs... but I'm thinking my B.A. shouldn't pridefully keep me from working at Starbucks. Haha.
  • Have been working on finishing editing a wedding I should have finished a long time ago (for shame!). Check it out and comment please :).
  • Experimenting with watercolor for a wedding invite. I'll let you guys know how it turns out (especially you, Crystal!) :). So far I'm liking the colors but I think I will like it better when I get it scanned and edited in Illustrator/Photoshop. I am not exactly a watercolor wiz, my experience extends to my watercolor cards.
  • Went up to SB + then Yosemite area a few weeks ago for a retreat (I'm so lazy I haven't even posted photos from the last time I went!)
  • Second shot for another wedding, this time on a yacht! Definitely not my best since it was a very new experience... but an experience that I'm very thankful for none the less.
  • Have been experiencing the pain of a long-distance relationship. Bah humbug. However, learning the awesomeness of snail mail :). Any tips from people who have been through this?

Meanwhile, I'm so obsessed with those Sebastiaan Bremer images (pictured above)! I saw them a while back but forgot about them, and when I saw one again on a friend's facebook I was smitten all over gain. Makes me want to take out all my baby pictures and drip paint on them to frame.


Clare B said...

Good luck for the job hunting. Me and my boyfriend did long-distance for a little while last year (3 months, but it felt like so. much. longer) Anyway, we used to choose a time for us both to take a picture; 2pm, 5.35 etc.. - a different time everyday. It gave us something to connect over and now I have a lovely set of random photos from our time apart.

the teacup chronicles said...

Alas, he is in California and I am in Indiana, and before that, he was in Sweden and I was (still) in Indiana. My LDR favorites: Skype. Watching hulu together with running commentary. Packages of little things. Photo diaries/competitions (set a photo topic for the day, see who gets the best shot!). Long-distance book club. Both of us cooking the same meal for dinner once in awhile. Being okay with being cheesy. :)

connie said...

@ clare
We did a picture a day for a while too! It was a lot of fun.. until he lost his camera and now we don't do it anymore :(

what did you usually put in your packages?? and oh boy are we okay with being cheesy :)