Thursday, September 17, 2009

That very night in Max’s room a forest grew and grew ...

after watching an episode of glee and stardust last night, i could not - for the life of me - fall asleep! so i decided to try my hand at my first papercraft. i recently fell in love with marshall alexander's max (from where the wild things are). he is such a talented paper engineer!

i've been obsessed with all things - where the wild things are. everytime i see the trailer, i want to burst into tears. don't ask.

go to his site for the template!

step 1: print out template on paper

2. snip-snip-snip! note to self: buy x-acto knife.

3. look at clock and beat self up for not sleeping. i know, it's only 12:51, but i never sleep this late in the summer! working full time takes its toll ya know.

4. glue and admire!

how fun! like i said though, i do suggest using an exacto knife for these projects. i used scissors and it was fine, but i definitely know where all my mess-ups are.

do share your creations! :)

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