Saturday, September 19, 2009

gocco me do!

if you didn't get that, it was a beatles' reference. love me do? gocco me do? okay, i know i'm lame.

it's been a good week of finds and goodies!

first, there was a yard sale right by my work place. if you know me -- i love yard sales. i love the idea of buying someone else's treasure for unbeatable prices. who doesn't? i'm asian, it's in my blood!

i didn't get too much, but what i got, i love!

1. a bench and some foam+cloth to re-upholster it!
total: $7!

i'll show you pictures once i finish it. it's strangely difficult to find a staple gun amongst college students. you would think people just have them lying around... to staple things.

you can't even see the bench because i piled the cloth amongst other bedding on top. that way, when you see the end product, it'll be that much more of a surprise!

2. a bunch of tea tins... for free!

the lady saw me admiring them, and seeing as it was the last day of the sale, she told me just to take them all :). i put a little sprig in one, i think i'll name him henry.

onto my other big news: i just bought a gocco printer! i'm in no financial state to buy one... but i did it anyways. i know, i'm bad. :( but hopefully i can make prints that people will buy! and then it will be all worth it!

my first print:

why is something so small so expensive? :(

i made a bunch of cards for a friend's birthday. hopefully she likes them!
the prints didn't come out as perfectly as i wanted, and there are many many flaws and areas where i had to paint in the ink with a brush.... but i am still pleased with the outcome :).

i couldn't decided whether or not to give my little bear a hat, so i just ended up drawing them in for half of the cards :).

maybe i'll make more and put them on etsy? will anyone buy them?


Charissa said...

ooh my sister has a gocco and she's been trying to teach me how it actually works- it's pretty cool! aww your card is so cute- i will buy it!!!

Nisee said...

awe! these are so cute!!!
i would buy one! :)