Sunday, May 13, 2012


i am so blessed. today is mother's day so i'm giving thanks for my mother, whose beauty cannot be fully completely captured by my insufficient words. happy mother's day to a single mother who made it her life's mission to give herself to her loved ones -- generously, abundantly, selflessly, gently/tenderly and completely... physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. i have an amazing and most beautiful woman for a mother. (here she is in a photo as a little girl!)

in addition, i'm also giving thanks today (and for the rest of my days) for my handsome, amazing, funny,  servant-hearted fiance. it was my birthday last week and even though we're on a budget (getting married, and all), he planned a tiny celebration for the two of us. in addition to a most delicious dinner (proscuitto-wrapped chicken, stuffed with breadcrumbs, dried cherries and herbs), he got me the loveliest cake and a copy of elizabeth messina's new book!

(these are at our new home by the way... can't show any photos right now because we have barely any furnishings)


Mabiel said...

that cake looks awesome! :)

connie said...

@mabiel it tastes awesome too!