Wednesday, March 21, 2012

developing days


it's been crazy y'all.

i can't believe we only have 2+ months left till the big day!  i try not to freak out when i look at my to-do list and there are still a million things in the march category. i'm already behind on invites, i  designed the main parts in what time i had free over the course of 1-2 days.  i still have 100 booklets to design and sew together... sigh. i can't wait until all i see is strike-throughs on my list.  i'm thankful that pretty much most of our vendors are booked and within our humble budget (and one of them will be a fun surprise for our guests).

saturday, T and i went down to SD for premarital (we have only 1 left!) and tried to go back in time and live up our college days. sadly, it was pouring the entire day and we left feeling a bit jipped (we didn't even get any carne asada fries!). the next day, i assisted the lovely jen (iartu) and shot  justina blakeney's wedding. i was so stoked to shoot at her little jungalow, which was a small space transformed into a magical space.

the very next day i got sick (as i so often do), and declared the day a no-work/editing day....and originally a no-computer day until i couldn't help but watch an episode of the walking dead (my new guilty pleasure). yesterday was back to work and today was wedding errand day. i almost regret my choice to make my own envelope liners. to end a perfectly productive day of driving around, i also got back a roll of film... the act of which i think is one of life's greatest simple joys (even if it's just a test roll to test out a new body).


Tracey said...

Gosh ... time flies when there's a wedding on the horizon, that's for sure.

Best of luck with staying calm and getting your to do list down to nothing. Then it will all become less time-consuming and more exciting! :)

Jennifer Young said...


i can't believe you got sick the next day. :(

how's the planning coming along? good, i hope!