Thursday, February 16, 2012

gold + pinks + love


finally got around to attempting that gold-dipped bowl tutorial from curbly.

i had quite some trouble getting the clay off my bowl, but it still turned out alright.  instead of gold acrylic paint i used gold spray paint and i have to say, that stuff is amazing.  such a cheap but fun project! i'm using mine as a jewelry dish.


a bouquet from my soon-to-be-forever valentine. he also gave me a potted daisy for when this bouquet dies! winner! we ate a simple meal and watched the lady in black; wouldn't have had it any other way. i'm such a fan of scary movies.

apart from this clay bowl making and receiving of flowers, i finished our pre-wedding website last week! also, the restful (restful in the sense that i only had to do my own wedding planning for a bit) lack of weddings/portraits is ending this week, so i have to get back to work (though i do love my work). in fact, i have a shoot today!

i hope to share my website with you all soon enough.  enjoy your thursday!

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