Tuesday, January 3, 2012

so this is the new year


this new year feels different than all the other new years. everything has been a blur so it's been hard to sit down and really think about how the past year went and decide what goals i want to make for myself this year. with wedding plans and already an upcoming shoot this saturday, i feel both excited and overwhelmed.

this past year has definitely been very eventful. i ended my time with the amazing ladies at utterly engaged to work full-time... and 4 months later i quit my full-time in-house graphic design job to focus on my photography business full-time. i've met wonderful people, learned so many things, made many mistakes and am ever growing.  i got engaged (!!!) have been in the throes of preparing to be a wife and planning a wedding at the same time. (as you can imagine, i have many "when did i get so crazy" moments).

hopefully after this weekend i plan to take a short break from blogging/twitter/etc. and really rediscover my voice, what motivates and drives me.  i hope that means more personal work for this year... :).

(photo by en pointe)

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