Monday, December 5, 2011

this past week


i ate a lot of pasta this week. a lot. why? because it doesn't require an oven or anything electric of the sort (just gas) and yesterday was my first day of returned power after the 4 day blackout from the santa ana winds!

(on a side note: i know this photo looks horrible, but trust me, this pasta is absolutely delicious. i'm ghetto so i used turkey bacon instead of bacon and balsamic vinegar instead of red wine. i also substituted paprika for the red pepper flakes. i know, i know, did i even follow the recipe at all?)

i live near the pasadena area, so for the past few days the streets have been filled with debris, hundreds of trees were uprooted, and most residents in pasadena and neighboring cities lost their power. i think some folks still don't have their power (!!).

apart from the days living like an amish person, we are completely safe. our house didn't even lose a single tile (many did), and for that i am so thankful. i have to admit i had no idea what to do with myself half the time. i enjoyed some reading and cleaning, but the rest of the time i sat thinking, "WHAT IS THIS MADNESS?" (yes, i am a sad person).

saturday was fun because T came to visit and we had a date in the midst of the madness.

grand slam: over-easy egg, hash browns, thick bacon, all on a hot dog and delicious bun.

my new favorite hot dog place: dog haus in pasadena.

spent the afternoon walking around pasadena (streets still full of trees).

ended with christmas lights in naples, long beach.

i know, i know. i almost wish the lights would go out more often (almost).

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