Monday, November 14, 2011

a food truck wedding



ever since i saw this food truck wedding shoot on GWS i've been obsessed with finding an equally cute and tasty food truck. down-home meets classy and unique!

i tried inquiring about MIHO, but alas, san diego is quite a ways from santa barbara. i also considered kogi truck and some other food trucks, but i'm worried about how fast the food-output is. anyone have any experience with wedding food trucks? T and i need some affordable catering for our wedding...and when i say affordable i mean REALLY affordable.

we have an option we're gonna check out soon, but if you guys know any great catering options in santa barbara, throw me a line!


i love these little personalized touches!



lampart said...

A wedding food truck is a brilliant idea! Too bad that we don't have them in Poland, I'd definately use one for my wedding :(

SARAH said...

omg I do know of something kind of! Full of Life Flatbreads - not a truck, but a mobile woodfire oven with the. best. flatbread. they were a HIT at our wedding! Close to sb!

connie said...

sarah!! what does the pricing look like?