Monday, October 31, 2011

all the better to love you with

i'm not sure if i ever showed this before (pretty sure I have), but i found this in my room the other day and thought i would since i have a better camera now. it's a project i did in one of my college visual arts courses -- the theme was "remix" and we were supposed to do a remix of materials and themes. mine was a remix of the little red riding hood story; instead of a big bad wolf, there's a little bear following her...and it's really a boy who is in love with her wearing a bear suit. i know, i'm silly.


red riding hood's cloak design is from an arizona green tea bottle and her legs are made of tree bark. i made the little clouds with rolled up newspaper strips (painting some with acrylic paint).


the boy's suit was made of tree bark (yep, ripped off a tree), towel, and cardboard. the zipper was a gum wrapper.



Ai said...

So so sweet!

Anastasia Marie said...

now that is pretty fancy! Now you've inspired me to go take pictures of my past projects too now that I have a more okay camera than before.

Breen said...

I've told you that this is my favorite thing you've made right? :) I love little bear boy.