Thursday, March 10, 2011

diy hex bracelet

I saw a DIY tutorial for this super awesome braided hex nut bracelet on honestlywtf and just HAD to make it for myself. Didn't quite get the right rope for it, but I made do!

How it turned out for me:

Click here for the full instructions!


jennifer ▲ i art u said...

love! you're the first person i've seen that has made it!!! was it easy? i want to make one! feeling lazy in the diy department though!

how are you?!

connie said...

dude you should totally do it! it's not too hard, you just have to pull everything really taut while making it. i also wish i could've found a different type of rope.

i'm doing alright, kinda overwhelmed with life! how are you?!

Tang said...

I loved this DIY and made one myself as soon as I saw it! :)