Wednesday, November 3, 2010

day "14": adelaide

day "14" of my make something everyday project.

I’m sorry this has turned into a make something every week project :( I am too busy/unmotivated to do this. This one’s a little different, I decided to make something with my hands instead! I've named her "Adelaide".

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and flowers pick themselves said...

so delicate + lovely! thanks for sharing :)

xo Alison

Khali said...

Hi Connie
I just LOVE your blog. Did you follow a tutorial to make this project? I'd love to try it myself.

connie said...


Thanks so much Khali! :) I didn't follow a specific tutorial, just glanced briefly at several.

Basically, you cut out larger flower shaped pieces of cloth (has to be polyester or it'll burn) and smaller tear-shaped pieces. I also added some tulle.

You use an open flame to melt (not burn) the edges. Then, I layered them together and sewed them! (You can also probably hot-glue gun them first if that's easier). Then I sewed on the beads! :) Hope that helps?

Khali said...

It did help - thanks so much, you're so clever! x