Wednesday, October 3, 2012

where the road goes


haven't updated this blog in a while (famous words of mine) because i've been so busy catching up on work and going in & out of town for weddings.  this past weekend, the husband & i shot the most special & intimate little wedding up in the hills of topanga canyon. (fun fact: the groom is the co-editor of a show we love very much .... think zombies & the south!). thought i'd share with you a fun snap!

the weather has been quite unbearable even in our typically breezy area of california, but fall is on the mind & pumpkin spice lattes are out and i feel good. i like to think of the autumn version of myself as the best version of myself, you know, because sweet warm drinks and nippy weather naturally bring about productivity.

and dear readers, i promise to try and share our honeymoon photos soon!

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Anna said...

I came to say 'hello'. Hello! I found here through Once Wed. What a lovely, inspiring and pretty blog! Will have to come back soon and read more.