Sunday, January 1, 2012

will you be my bridesmaid

bridesmaid bridesmaid2

a little recent project. fold out kraft booklet!


Anastasia Marie said...

How cute is that?!

Emily Yao said...

sweet =)

Jennifer Young said...

Your friends are so lucky, Connie! Beautiful art--beautiful you!

Tiffany Ching said...

part of me is slightly disappointed that i won't be as surprised, but part of me is SUPER DUPER EXCITED to actually receive this!! eeps!!

thank you for letting me be a part of your special day!! :)

connie said...

hahaha darn you for reading my blog tiff!

Juanna Hope Sia said...

hi! dont mind if i ask, what sort of paint do you use on the card? (:

connie said...

@juanna i used gouache paint! :) sometimes i use a little watercolor since it's cheaper, but gouache definitely comes out more vibrantly.

kristen said...

Can you post what was written inside? I'm trying to so a similar card but need some help with the wording. :)
Yours is so cute!

connie said...

@kristen it's been a while but based on memory, I had several sections:

1. The who, what, where, & why (because we are in love!)
2. Color choices (I let them pick their own dresses)
3. Guidelines for dress types and fabrics
4. What I expect of them (call me out if I'm being crazy, prayer & having fun!)
5. A brief thank you