Tuesday, November 9, 2010

seasons of (solitude)

(from here)

"He is like a tree planted by streams of water that yields its fruit in its season, and its leaf does not wither. " (Ps. 1:3)

I like the idea of people as trees... each of us have seasons, seasons that cause us to look differently, seasons of growing, seasons of barrenness, seasons of growth, pruning seasons (which hurt but are necessary).

Had lunch today with shannon today; totally awesome meeting her and seeing what the lady behind the lens is like! She asked me what transitioning back home was like, and i'm sure I talked her ear off with vague descriptions of what i'm feeling in this stage of life. Thanks for being so encouraging shan :)

Basically really realizing that I'm in a season of waiting... a season of solitude and just trusting in God and not needing immediate answers. There are so many emotions that we think are not worth experiencing...we think we should experience them for as short a time as possible, and we don't see value in them at all. For instance, when I ended my relationship last year, people told me not to feel sad. But I thought, why is that a bad thing? To grieve? In the same way, I've been placed in a season of waiting that the world tells me will go away soon and is like waiting in line at the bank -- something to be disliked. Of course I'd still prefer to be in a different season, but I know that it is perfectly normal (and best) that I'm in this season now.

We don't look at the trees in winter and go into shock because there are no leaves. Instead, we see it as nature running its course -- and it's beautiful.

Here's to a new, sparkling and beautiful year,


Shannon said...

really loved hanging out with you and getting to know you, connie. embrace the waiting. whew!

jennifer ▲ i art u said...

ah! so nice you guys connected! have you known shannon for long?! can't wait for our meal together!

Charissa said...

Lovely. I've been meditating on a Psalm about being planted in God's courts (and flourishing like a palm!). What a nice surprise to see the theme reflected here.